Transactional Analysis

  • Originator of the term developmental TA to distinguish this ‘positive psychology’ approach from psychotherapeutic TA
  • Internationally accredited as Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in all 4 fields of application - Counselling, Orgnaisational, Psychotherapy, Educational (in that order so it can be written TSTA COPE 😉
  • Over 35 years experience of teaching transactional analysis and supervising students around the world
  • Led ongoing developmental TA programmes in UK, Poland, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, and contributing with specific workshops and webinars for Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Armenia  
  • Currently running interactive webinars as accrediitaion programmes - international, and China, Japan and Kazakhstan with translation
  • Experience as volunteer psychotherapist in high security male prison, and as supervisor to rape counsellors 
  • Have sponsored successful students to Certified Transactional Analysts and Teaching & Supervising ​Transactional Analyst level in UK, New Zealand, Slovenia, Romania, Ireland, Netherlands and India
  • Sponsored students to MSc Professional Studies (Developmental TA)
  • Regular presenter at European, international and national TA association conferences; regular examiner and process facilitator at international exams onsite and online
  • Author of numerous articles, audiotape sets and books on transactional analysis 
  • See video of extracts of Julie's presentation for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising at


  • runs regular online TA 909s - for trainees/students/practitioners and for PTSTAs/Supervisors/Trainers Designate
  • leads the supervision qualifications, including option for master's degree, of the International Cnetre for TA Qualifications
  • prefers the term Super-Vision, where the hyphen indicates that the focus is on enabling supervisees to develop their own ‘super vision’, or meta perspective, of their professional practice
  • Author of Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches, Open University Press 2007
  • Over 30 years supervision experience based on transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming and other approaches
  • works extensively online since 2015

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