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Below is a list of my books published to date.  You can download book extracts, articles, essays, forms and presentations in my free downloads section.

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(1992) Transactional Analysis for Trainers. McGraw-Hill
(1996) Sherwood
(1994) 1st edit translated into French as Analyse Transactionnelle et Formation. Desclée de Brouwer
(2009) 2nd edition Hertford: Sherwood
(2010) 2nd edition translated into Polish as Analiza Transakcyjna dla trenerów Kraków: Grupa Doradczo-Szkoleniowa Transmisja

(1993) Working it Out at Work: Understanding Attitudes and Building Relationships. Watford: Sherwood
(1999) translated into Slovenian as Uspesni na delu Potritev d.n.o.
(2004) translated into Dutch as We lossen het samen wel op – Transactionele Analyse op de werkvloer Amsterdam: SWP Publishers
(2006) into Romanian as Sarada de la serviciu Bucharest: CODECS
into Persian as Success Psychology in the Workplace, Roshd, date unknown and as I am not OK, are you okay publisher and date unknown
(2009 )  2nd edition Hertford: Sherwood

(1995) Donkey Bridges for Developmental TA: Making transactional analysis memorable and accessible. Watford: Sherwood
(2012) 2nd edition Hertford: Sherwood

(1995) Transformational Mentoring: Creating Developmental Alliances for Changing Organizational Cultures. McGraw-Hill,
(1999) Watford: Sherwood

(1996) Developmental Alliances: A Guide to Mentoring. Sherwood/Local Government Management Board

(1996) Getting the Best out of Development Centres Cabinet Office

(1997)  Action Mentoring Watford: Sherwood

(1997) The Gower Assessment and Development Centre. (a package of simulations, programmes, documentation for running centres)  Aldershot: Gower
(1999) translated into Dutch as Materiaal voor Assessment & Development Centers TFC
(2003) translated into Polish as Ośrodki oceny i rozwoju, plus onto CD-ROM, Oficyna Ekonomiczna,

(1998) Advisor (NLP) for The Complete Communicator Video Series BBC for Business

(1998) Dealing with Difficult People – The Workbook and Tape Set Hertford: Sherwood
(2017) Available as a digital download Hertford: Sherwood

(2001) Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Course – Workbook and Tape Set. Hertford: Sherwood,
(2018) Re-issued as Workbook PDF and MP3 Audio Set: Sherwood 2018 Hertford: Sherwood

(2001) Transactional Analysis Introductory Course – Workbook & Tape Set. Hertford: Sherwood
(2017) Re-issued as Workbook PDF and MP3 Audio Set Hertford: Sherwood

(2002) Mission to Enernova – Assessing Potential & Developing Performance. (with Peter Emery) Aldershot: Gower
(2017) Mission to Enernova – Assessing Potential & Developing Performance – Do-it-yourself digital download pack (with Peter Emery) Hertford: Sherwood

(2002) Simulations for Assessment, Training and Development. photocopiable manual plus CD-ROM
(2004) Aldershot: Gower

(2007) Reflective Practice and Supervision for Coaches. Milton Keynes: Open University Press

(2020) Julie Hay’s Ideas Blogs. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing

(2020) Julie Hay’s Ideas Blogs & Associated Articles. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing

(2020) Suggestions for Teaching Transactional Analysis to Children. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing

(2021) МИССИЯ В ENERNOVA. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing (Russian translated version of Mission To Enernova DIY Download Pack)

(2021) Simulations For Assessment, Training And Development. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing (DIY PDF Download)

(2021) TA from Then to Now – Core Themes. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing

(2021) Transformational Mentoring Through Alliance Coaching. Hertford: Sherwood Publishing