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This page contains free article downloads – and will be added to from time to time, so why not click here to follow me on Twitter. You can also find my publications and articles on my profile at academia.edu.

This page also contains some forms (free) that will help you prepare for supervision – and may even result in you getting your own super-vision – i.e more awareness about what was happening, which is the main purpose of talking to a supervisor anyway.

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Autonomy - Early Material

Extending The Donkey Bridge For Autonomy

The Autonomy Matrix (1997)

The Autonomy Matrix (2019)

Book Reviews

Spark - Book Review Summary

Coaching & Counselling

Choosing a Helping Strategy

Coaching Contracts

What Coaches Can Learn From TA

What Is TA Counselling - Or Is it Coaching?

Developmental TA

Developmental TA

Information Seeking Interventions

Onkwikkelingsgerichte TA (Dutch)

Systemic Considerations - ETC


Affect Script Psychology

Avoiding Conflict


Supervision Preparation Form - Class

Supervision Preparation Form - Group

Supervision Preparation Form - Individual

Supervision Preparation Form - Organisation


Time Structuring, Group Imagoes


Across Borders & Gen Y

Development or Cure

Positive Psychology

Power Potentials

TA Contributions from India

Working Online


NLP Language Patterns

Using A Timeline For Decision Making

What Can TA Add To NLP?


Analysing 'People' Within Organisations

Choice, Chance, Change: Creating Future Realities in Organisations

Creating Community: The Task Of Leadership

Hay's Intervention Wheel

Hay's Organisational Cone

Informal Structures In Organisations

Sailship Success - An Update

Sailship Success - po slovensky (in Slovak)

Systemic Constructivist TA Applied to Organisational Consulting

What Is Special Fields TA?

Psychological Processes

A TA-Based Approach to what happens after Lockdowns

Case Formulations


Group Dynamics: C7P7A7

Group Dynamics: C7P7A7 - A More Descriptive Version

Making Meaning (Including Windows)

Multi-Party Contracting In Prisons

Psychological Boundaries & Bridges

Stroking Models & Lockdown

The Icebergian Unconscious

Wars Rapes Differences are not Psychological Games


Introduction To TA Psychotherapy

Schema Therapy


Designing a CTA Programme

Exam Techniques

TA Referencing


Research - Need To Know


Four Conceptualisations Of The Concept Of Script

I Permessi - Un Saggio (Italian)



Script 4 Conceptualisations

Transgenerational Script

Windows On The World - Some Additions From China


Drivers & Working Styles

Out Of Character

Personality Adaptations & AP3

TA Social Roles

The Reluctant Time Manager

Working Styles (Chapter 6 - From Working It Out At Work)


Back To The Future Using Cocreative Spirals

Choosing A Supervisor

Supervision AMED 2015