Julie Hay

Coaching and Mentoring

Active in this area for over 20 years, including researching it when writing Transformational Mentoring – Creating Developmental Alliances for Organisational Cultures.  This was published in 1995 by McGraw-Hill (and republished by Sherwood in 1999). Much of what was written then is now also commonly referred to as coaching.

In 2001 this has been been updated and extended and published as Transformational Mentoring through Alliance Coaching   (www.sherwoodpublishing.com or see Amazon)

In 1992, established a network of HR professionals who were keen to know what others were doing; this group met regularly on a quarterly basis until end 2003 when the EMCC succeeded it.

Founding Director (with Sir John Whitmore, Prof David Megginson, David Clutterbuck, Eric Parsloe) of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, President of the 1st EMCC Pan-European Board, member of the Examining Board of the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring and hence the CIPD, and regular presenter at European Coaching & Mentoring Conferences.

Since 1992 have provided consultancy advice, led senior level discussions to relate coach/mentoring to corporate culture, and/or designed and run training events and provided support materials for a number of organisations in places as varied as India, Australia and Eastern Europe.

Within the UK:

  • Drake and Scull (heavy engineering and construction) – manager development programme
  • Department of Health – introduction of scheme plus mentor/mentee/line manager training
  • Hertfordshire Constabulary  –  led team of external coach/mentors for the top 43 managers
  • Improvement & Development Agency (IDeA) – materials and advice for Women’s Leadership and
  • Top Managers’ Programmes, and for Horizon’s cross cultural programme
  • Forestry Commission – design of scheme, training of mentors and mentees, workbooks, ongoing support to ‘supermentors’ who in turn support mentoring pairs
  • Cabinet Office – design and introduction of scheme, plus evaluation
  • plus others including: Anglia Regional Health Authority; Sun Alliance; Swiss Re; Inland Revenue; Probation Service; Essex, Kent and Gloucestershire County Councils; Bristol City Council; NHS Chief Executives Development Programme; States of Guernsey; London Borough of Sutton (special version for junior employees who were female and/or black and/or with disabilities)

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